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O3 Vita 35mL Pure Ozonated Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil for Dry and Damaged Skin

O3 Vita 35mL Pure Ozonated Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil for Dry and Damaged Skin


O3 Vita Ozonized Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil has been formulated from all 100% all-natural hemp seed oil. Using a century-old technique, the oil has been carefully extracted and refined to produce a unique balm that leaves your skin radiant, fresh and glowing.

When applied to your skin, the product will leave a thin water resistant film which will be slightly sticky. This layer is the key to protecting and healing your skin.


  • 100% Natural Extra Virgin Ozonized Hemp Seed Oil
  • Convenient 1.2oz (35mL) pump bottle
  • Perfect treatment for many common skin conditions such as Dry Skin, Acne and Blemishes, Stings and Bites, Minor Wounds, Cuts, Chapped Lips, Abrasions and Itches
  • Apply a thin layer to affected areas on the skin once or twice a day or as required
  • The product's viscosity varies depending on temperature. It is recommend that the product is stored in a cool environment under 68 degrees (20 degrees Celsius)
  • Product Longevity - 3 years from the date of production if stored in the refrigerator below 5 degrees (41F) celsius
  • Do not freeze


Apply a thin layer of of oil to the desired part of the skin once or twice daily or as required.

When stored at room temperature (under 20 degrees) the oil will have a thick consistency and will quickly melt once it is applied to your skin.

O3 Vita has 100% all natural ingredients, no additives, fillers or stabilizers, is not tested on animals, is alcohol free, fragrance free, suitable for vegans and can be used on all skin types. It is recommended for external use only.

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